Webcasts, On-line Seminars, On-line Meetings, Multi-Location Video Conferencing Solutions

EventCare Consulting offers scalable on-line live video conferencing bridge solutions.

With a large variety of possible scenarios and very specific needs assessments of possible events when using this technology, we offer the following solutions:

1. Main on-site larger scale hosting of on-line video conference

  • EventCare Consulting will provide hardware and operational support on-site to facilitate a on-line live video conferencing bridge accommodating speaker/presenter setup and interactive remote on-line “dial-in” options.
  • The system is providing via any network connectivity a email invitation logon system for all participants and attached automated software download to enable possible clients and participants to use the video conferencing bridge from virtually anywhere on any platform.
  • Recording of all presented material in time-sync with the presenter audio as well as possible Q&A comments are possible in multiple formats for a post-event multi-media distribution or on-line streaming solutions.
  • EventCare Consulting has dedicated Multi-Media server capability to host any type of quality of on-line video conferencing solution as well as post-event streaming or depository needs.

2. Remote “moderator” setup and video conferencing bridge to virtually any point where good quality internet connectivity is available

  • This is done via our Citrix moderator setup EventCare Consulting staff does not need to be on site at main speaker/presenter location)
  • We create a on-line meeting video conferencing bridge and declare virtually any participant the actual presenter
  • The EventCare Consulting moderator maintains control over technical aspects of the connections as well as all presented material and audio can be recorded in sync with the audio for post-event on-line multi-media content creation

3.Remote support of our “fly-in” hardware equipment kit, in case location does not have either the technical setup or expertise

  • EventCare Consulting will ship a full “speaker/presenter kit” to any location (laptop, camera system, lapel microphone and headphone system)
  • EventCare Consulting Citrix moderator video conferencing bridge will then remotely control that on remote site setup equipment and speaker/presenter are able to present educational material in a simplex (on-way only) or fully interactive session
  • We also can provide remote location kits for the ”other end – remote participants) if hardware or limited operational knowledge becomes an issue.

All EventCare Consulting Citrix Video Conferencing Bridge equipment solutions are fully scalable from one on one mini conferences, seminars to full scale conference setup’s with hundreds of attendees.

We have offered and facilitated multiple major conference video conferencing bridge solutions for CLCCO (Canadian Lung Cancer Conference, Dr. Barb Melosky), CCOLD (Canadian Conference on Lymphoproliferative Disorders, Dr. Wendy Lam) and multiple smaller video conferencing solutions.

Our systems and services have been used several times by BCUS (British Columbia Urology Society, Dr. Omar Nazif) for on-line live urology surgery video conferencing solutions from Surrey Jimmy Pattison hospital to other hospitals in British Columbia as on-line learning solutions.

Participants were able to follow in detail on-line complex urological surgery procedures with live commentary of the performing surgeon as well as live interactive session of on-site surgeons and remote audience immediately post-surgery.

Set-Up and Staging
Our trained technicians and management staff arrive on-site and handle all the set-up, testing, and inspection. Our experienced staff maintain good working relationships with the hotel and resort staff, creating synergy with all parties involved. Using digital site surveys and diagrams, we submit the plan to the venue for approval. We expertly coordinate the talent and audiovisual equipment to ensure a perfect, worry-free production. We plan our work and work our plan.

Event Coordination
On the day of the event, Corporate Events staff are with you all the way to make sure your audio-visual production operates effectively.
When there are challenges, our experienced professionals know exactly what to do to keep things running smoothly.

In addition, our team can adapt quickly to meet your requirements.

There are no problems, just opportunities for solutions!