Equipment Rental and Management

We use only top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment to ensure our clients make the best use of their A/V budgets. For example, for video and data projection, we use the sharpest, brightest, and newest Christie Digital projectors. For audio recording, we integrate Marantz digital recording technology to provide easily transportable MP3s or CD-quality wav files for all events.

For control and data processing, we provide computers with ample memory and power to meet your presentation requirements. We also provide state-of-the-art wireless controls for presentations. In addition, we offer and operate the most comprehensive Audience Response System (ARS) for polling audiences and gathering critical feedback. Comprehensive audience response reports are produced and delivered digitally within minutes following your event.

Rental Equipment Partners
We have working partnerships with reputable vendors around the world to provide a full range of top-of-the-line equipment for any scale audio systems, video/data projection with seamless switching, video production, and lighting. Because we’ve produced events at most of the major hotels and conference centers around the world, we can match the right local vendors to your equipment needs.

Equipment Consistency
Over the years, we’ve learned that a consistent interface between audiovisual equipment and human operators can be as important to an event’s success as the quality of the presentations. By coordinating key elements such as projectors, wireless controls, and switchers, we make sure that presenters and staff feel at home with their equipment—from day to day, and site to site. We maintain the same equipment no matter where your meeting needs may take you.

Some Audio-Visual considerations are:

  • What type of audiovisual equipment is required?
  • What type of presentations will be conveying your information?
  • Can the venue provide all the space required?
  • Once the equipment is added, will the room still hold the expected number of attendees?
  • Should you have a rehearsal with the equipment?
  • Will you need a stage and how large?
  • Will you want video production to record your event?
  • What is the existing lighting, or does the room(s) have ambient light that may interfere with your planned presentations?
  • Our primary focus is event planning assistance, technical event management assistance and execution
  • We subcontract AV companies so that you have piece of mind to receive 100% technical performance for your meeting at the same time while we ensure that the financial aspects and cost are completely controlled
  • The will grantee planning, technical organization and execution of highest industry standards.
  • Multimedia conversion, editing and custom posting and preparations of Windows Media, Real Media and Mac platform.
  • As well we have extensive experience and expertise in complete live streaming solutions, dedicated or closed circuit, as well as high quality and performance streaming server access and delivery on a bandwidth or monthly basis.
  • Video conferencing solutions of any scale from one on one mini symposiums to any size international live video conferencing bridge solutions.
  • We also specialize in security network setups, as well as on-site security consultations and implementation scenarios.
  • Security breach assessment, cleanup and ongoing protection are our business.
  • We have clients in the medical, pharmaceutical as well as entertainment industry.
  • We have been in business since 2002.