ARS Technology

Audience Response Technology

Changing Dynamics — Do you have the tools to measure them? We do.

Turn your next meeting, focus group, or training session into an engaging exchange filled with participant feedback.

With a wireless audience response system (ARS), you can engage participants in a truly interactive experience.
Enliven your training sessions, enhance participation, and encourage lively discussion.

Use this data to:

  • Research new treatment options
  • Engaging your audience in the presented material
  • Testing any level of skill and knowledge level during educational seminars
  • Reinforce learning
  • System designed particular for medical education seminars

Get real-time results and permanent reports to guide your market research, training initiatives, and communication evaluation.

Technical requirements when creating your touch pad questions:

  1. We need all Q&A touch pad questions e-mailed to us (info@eventcare.caNO LATER than 5 business days prior to the actual event.
  2. Please send all Q&A touch pad questions in a WORD doc format, or direct email.
  3. Do not use special fonts or bullet lists or other formatting.
  4. We do not need any Power Point slides since the text needs to be transferred anyway.
  5. ONE Question with maximum of up to 30 letters or characters per slide or touch pad question. (NO sentences or descriptions)
  6. Maximum of 10 ANSWERS (answers should NOT have more than about 30 letters or characters) per slide
  7. Pre and post query questions system, please send us a detailed description what you want to ask and compare
  8. “Right” or “wrong” answer indicator, please describe what answer you want to be marked